Raajneeti (2010) – Bollywood movie review


“Raajneeti” is a Bollywood political drama film released in 2010. Directed by Prakash Jha, the movie boasts a star-studded ensemble cast including Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Nana Patekar, Katrina Kaif, and Arjun Rampal, among others. Set against the backdrop of Indian politics, the film weaves a complex tale of power, manipulation, and family dynamics.

The film revolves around the political aspirations and conflicts within a powerful political family led by Bhanu Pratap (Nana Patekar). When Bhanu suffers a stroke, his son, Prithvi (Arjun Rampal), assumes temporary leadership. However, his cousin Veerendra (Manoj Bajpayee) harbors ambitions of becoming the party leader and plots against Prithvi. Ranbir Kapoor portrays the character of Samar Pratap, the younger son of the family, who initially has no interest in politics but gets drawn into the game due to circumstances. Katrina Kaif plays the love interest of Samar, who also has her own agenda. Ajay Devgn’s character, Sooraj Kumar, represents the honest, principled outsider who becomes an important player in the political struggle.

“Raajneeti” skillfully explores the intricate dynamics of power, politics, and morality. It delves into the dark underbelly of politics, showcasing the use of manipulation, deceit, and violence as means to achieve political goals. The narrative draws inspiration from the Indian epic Mahabharata, with the characters mirroring its iconic personalities.

One of the film’s strengths is its stellar ensemble cast, who deliver compelling performances. Ranbir Kapoor shines in the role of Samar Pratap, capturing the character’s transformation from a reluctant politician to a shrewd strategist with conviction. Ajay Devgn delivers a restrained yet impactful performance as Sooraj Kumar, bringing depth and integrity to his character. Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpayee excel in their roles as the power-hungry family members, displaying a commanding presence on screen. Katrina Kaif showcases her versatility as an actress, portraying a complex and ambitious character with finesse.

The screenplay of “Raajneeti” is intelligently crafted, blending elements of drama, suspense, and political intrigue. The dialogues are sharp and thought-provoking, capturing the essence of the political landscape. The film effectively balances intense sequences of power struggles and emotional moments, keeping the viewers engaged throughout.

The movie’s cinematography and production design are noteworthy, creating a realistic and visually appealing depiction of the political world. The film effectively captures the grandeur of political rallies, the intricacies of backroom deals, and the emotional turmoil faced by the characters.

However, one critique of “Raajneeti” is its tendency to become convoluted at times, with numerous subplots and a large ensemble cast, which may confuse viewers. The film also relies heavily on the political backdrop, making it more appealing to audiences familiar with Indian politics and its nuances.

In conclusion, “Raajneeti” is a compelling political drama that successfully explores the power dynamics and moral dilemmas in Indian politics. With its impressive performances, engaging screenplay, and realistic portrayal of the political landscape, the film offers an intense and thought-provoking cinematic experience. Despite its occasional complexity, it remains an important contribution to Bollywood’s repertoire of political films.

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