Top 19 Android games released in 2022

A fantastic selection of Android games came to Android in 2022. These included Vampire Survivors (an indie classic) and RTS Total War: Medieval II (a port). There is something for everyone in this year’s Android gaming phone. Today’s roundup includes the best games available to test your new device. Marvel Snap Marvel Snap is a great card…

A fantastic selection of Android games came to Android in 2022. These included Vampire Survivors (an indie classic) and RTS Total War: Medieval II (a port). There is something for everyone in this year’s Android gaming phone. Today’s roundup includes the best games available to test your new device.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a great card game for Android. It’s easy to use, and competitive gameplay makes it one of the best. It is a refreshing alternative to many digital card games that have been popular.

Marvel Snap is able to make monetization fair, despite a slow progression. Although cash is used primarily for art cards, the majority of base cards can be unlocked by those without a wallet. Marvel Snap is the easiest competitive CCG to play.

Through the Breach

Netflix Games started with five titles when it launched in 2021. Netflix Games has been growing rapidly, with original titles being added alongside porting of popular PC games. Into The Breach, a tactical, tight combat game, is one of the most popular. You will be coming back for more.

While we wish Into The Breach would be available to all users without a Netflix subscription or other Netflix-exclusive games, we can’t help but agree that Subscribing allows you access to the best Android games. If you haven’t played Into The Breach in years since it launched on PC in 2019, then this is the time to start playing it again.

Apex Leaders Mobile

Multiplayer FPS Games are available for purchase on the Play Store. However, it’s difficult to recommend many of them because of their uncertain monetization. Apex legends Mobile may have some issues with touchscreen controls. But it’s easy to get one of the top Android controllers. As with the PC version, all purchases revolve around cosmetics. This keeps multiplayer fair.

Apex legends Mobile is an excellent alternative to the PC game. It is, however, a standalone edition. Because it is smaller, there are a few improvements that make it easier for novices and less frustrating for veterans. Overall, this is an excellent FPS game on Android. In 2022, it was voted the best Android game. And since the code base exits, there are new characters that can be used on Mobile.

Papers Please

Papers Please, which was originally released for PC 9 years ago, received universal acclaim. The game puts you in the position of an immigration inspector. Your job is to decide who can be admitted into the fictional communist state Arstotzka. Don’t let the wrong people in, and you could lose your job. Let too many in, and you might not make enough. Your family will suffer, no matter what.

Papers Please is a challenging and thought-provoking board game that challenges your ethics. The game doesn’t have any correct or wrong decisions. Only difficult ones. Few titles can explore so many difficult subjects and still offer a lot of fun.

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Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise, an Android port of an older Indie game, is also available. It’s a gorgeous adventure that tells one of the most captivating stories you can find on the Play Store. There aren’t any levels or monsters you can defeat. It’s just a story that is captivatingly illustrated with pixel graphics.

A music-box mode allows players to listen to the entire soundtrack at will. The Android version also includes new features. Even if your PC version of the game is not available, you should give the Android version another chance. It is very affordable and includes a few extra features. Additionally, the game’s chilled gameplay lends itself to mobile touchscreen play.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Since the original Reigns swipe game was launched in 2016, it has been the subject of many spinoffs. Three Kingdoms is the latest iteration. It introduces the game into the title era of Chinese history with new features and innovations and makes this the best Reigns release.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms, in addition to its classic Tinder-style gameplay, adds online-ranked card battles. You’ll recruit other players and gather them under your reign. Unfortunately, to play Into The Breach, you will need a Netflix membership.

Total War: Medieval II

Feral Interactive has a reputation for porting PC games onto mobile, Linux, macOS, and macOS. Their work on Total War: Medieval II is the latest example. You will need the best Android tablets, minimum, to fully enjoy this game. But it’s definitely worth the investment to port the game.

The Kingdom’s expansion recently arrived on Android. It adds to the existing collection of Medieval II content. Total War Medieval II offers tons more content that will keep players entertained for years, whether you are a Total War fan or a full-featured RTS.


2022 was a huge year for quality ports, especially for strategy and action games. SPRG Disgaea 4 is a hardcore SPRG Disgaea 4 that was released to Android in November. Although it comes at a high price, it’s one of the best Play Store deals and remains one of the top ports.

Even if Disgaea 4 has already been released for Android, it is still worth the effort. The auto-battle function takes the grind off, making this version ideal for those who wish to focus more on the narrative or the ending. Thanks to the QoL enhancements, it’s easier than ever before to enter a Disgaea-related game.


It’s easy to forget that casual puzzle games are being ported by many of the most prominent console and PC gaming companies. Railbound is the latest from Afterburn studios. Afterburn has been behind some of the greatest puzzle games on Android.

Railbound will put you in control of two adorable dogs as they attempt to travel the nation via train. To make sure your trains reach their destination correctly, you must place tracks, delay them, switch points and use tunnels. It’s a fun but very challenging game.

Isle of Arrows

Isle of Arrows was created by Lara Croft, Hitman GO’s creative director. It may seem simple from the outside, but it is packed with hours of entertainment that will challenge fans of both tower defense and puzzle games.

Isle of Arrows is another great example of why your phone is the best platform to find puzzles. Isle of Arrows is not only simple to use and easy to understand but also has enough challenge and interest to keep you coming back.

Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory isn’t the most downloaded strategy game, but it is an essential must-play for fans of turn-based strategies. It is ideal if you prefer strategy to be on a macro scale rather than micro-managing hundreds or thousands of units.

Sigma Theory is developed by Out There, a developer widely recognized as the best roguelike Android game. Sigma Theory is a fantastic experience, and the developer deserves many more than it has.

The Past Within

The Past Within, which is perhaps the best cooperative game of the year, is a point-and-click adventure in which you will team up to solve puzzles with a friend. Each puzzle is unique and requires communication between players.

The Past Within is only two hours long, making it ideal for an evening of fun. Both players will need copies of the game. The game can be played on any platform, including Android, iOS, and Mac.

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons should appeal to all fans of the deck-building roguelike mechanics in Slay the Spire. As you might have guessed from the title, RNG plays an important role in the game. The dice represent your character.

This RNG makes Dicey Dungeons so exciting. You need to make a deck that can account for bad luck. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The Android version has a new DLC. It’s time to start playing the game again.


Dungeons of Dreadrock is like Isle of Arrows in the sense that it’s a puzzler wrapped in another genre. This time, it’s a Zelda-style dungeon crawler. To save your brother’s life, you need to defeat monsters. It’s a brilliant game that is the perfect way for you to end your evening.

Dungeons of Dreadrock can be quite short, but it is entertaining, charming, and challenging. It requires careful planning, so even those who don’t like games that require immediate reactions will feel at ease here.


Dysmantle, a premium survival game with a unique catch, is one of many on the Play Store. Dysmantle can be used to demolish almost anything, from houses and trees, to get the necessary supplies for advancement.

Dysmantle’s ads aren’t annoying, and it doesn’t have annoying monetization. That makes it an essential play for any survival fan.


Wreckfest Android release had some technical issues. But it’s still an excellent port of the demolition racer and offers some of the best racing on this platform. The Android version doesn’t take out any content that was on the console or PC. And despite some downgrades required for Mobile, it offers the exact same experience as a full-fledged racer, porting to Mobile.

Wreckfest has many game modes that are great fun. Wreckfest’s many game modes and innovative soft-body physics mean that cars can deform upon impact. This is quite common, you might think. We highly recommend this racer, provided that you’re okay with a few graphic glitches.


Kombinera from Atari is back in form. While you’ll be controlling multiple colored balls simultaneously, the goal is to make them all work together. But traps are there to stop you. Each color helps you get past the respective-colored obstacles. So you’ll need careful planning to bring your balls together.

Kombinera, in many aspects, is the ideal puzzle game. It is simple to learn but challenging to master. And with 300 stages, it won’t take long to finish.

Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage 4 represents the latest entry in the sidescrolling beat-’em down series. This game is a remake of a Sega console’s original in the 1990s. The fourth title, which was launched in 2020, seamlessly married retro-styled mechanics with modern-day gameplay and is finally available for Android.

Streets of Rage 4 can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter if you’re a big fan of the original three brawlers or a casual gamer looking for an arcade action video game. Streets of Rage 4 has stood out from a sea of fantastic ports this year.

Turnip Boy commits tax evasion

Turnip Boy commits tax evasion as more than just a name. It’s a Zelda-esque adventure where you will embark on an epic crusade against tax evasion. This game is great fun for all RPG enthusiasts and anyone looking to recreate the excitement of tax evasion while not being sent to prison.

Turnip Boy Commits to Tax Evasion, a premium-quality game (the trial version is free) that’s short and sweet. Each playthrough lasts around two hours. But you will need to play through each end separately. We are glad to see this witty RPG finally arrive on Android.

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