Best New PC Games 2022/2023

What are the best PC games in 2022 and 2023? What are the 10 most popular PC games in 2022? Gizmowo highlights the upcoming games and new releases for PC gamers. The list of products is updated regularly. In addition, we welcome feedback from users about new games and errors on the list. These will be considered for future…

What are the best PC games in 2022 and 2023? What are the 10 most popular PC games in 2022? Gizmowo highlights the upcoming games and new releases for PC gamers. The list of products is updated regularly. In addition, we welcome feedback from users about new games and errors on the list. These will be considered for future updates.

Note: The next update has been added for December 2022. The first quarter of 2023 is slowly filling up. This includes the changes to Diablo 4, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and The Settlers. There will be more games.

2022 will be marked by a reboot of PC games that we have announced for the year and future years. The list is dependent on user feedback. Are there games that are missing from the list? Send us a message in the comments. We will promptly include the games. We appreciate your cooperation as always.

Already released games in December 2022

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Are the creators of XCOM able to also create role-playing strategy games? Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a good example. You can create your own superhero and face the goddess of demons with Spider-Man and Ghostrider in this genre mix. New game releases for consoles and PC: December 2022. These turn-based missions require you to choose your superpowers and position yourself tactically. This is all combined with the stories, relationships, and characters of an RPG. Hidden objects and secrets can be found in your secret headquarters. You may also make friends with your heroes.

The Callisto Protocol

2 The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is a December highlight. First, you will be able to experience the horror of space imprisonment by Jacob Lee on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Then suddenly, a mysterious disease strikes that transforms guards and inmates into disgusting monsters.

Only one thing matters: Escape the facility alive and discover its dark secrets. This is Dead Space’s best way to do it: Use melee and ranged weapons to let blood and intestines fly. The USK-18 seal was not earned by The Callisto Protocol.

Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed: Unbound is coming next month for car enthusiasts. EA’s latest racing series offers thrilling racing action and fast-paced chases against the police. There are many tuning options, including spoilers and nitro injection. Games released in December: Completely new effects like anime wings and drawn flames are available. The overall look is more inspired by graffiti street art. The game is more underground than usual: You can now wager money on races. Each qualifying competition that leads to the grand final shodown, “The Grand”, requires an entry fee.

Art of the Rail

Art of the Rail

Art of the Rail is for those who like things to be more relaxed. This is a fun little building game that focuses on railways. You build a profitable railway network to provide goods for the game world and allow it to flourish in the same way as Transport Tycoon or Railway Empire.

You build bridges, tunnels, and rails. In addition, you can build stations for trains, upgrade your fleet and adjust the terrain. There is a single mode of play, but you can also have a cooperative or competitive multiplayer with up to 16 players. Mod support is available for all game modes.

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PC games 2022/2023: What titles are coming soon?

PCGH offers an expanding list of PC gaming titles that were announced for 2022 or later, as well as those that will be appearing in the coming years. The quality of statements on such a list is significantly lower than they were during the year’s course, especially at the beginning. The prospects for the second half are, therefore, still manageable. Some release dates for PC games in 2022 may not be possible. There are sometimes short-term changes. This is something we ask you to consider.

The general trend in 2022 is to repeat what has been evident in previous years. Fewer large-scale productions are being announced, and there are more postponements. A number of popular Early Access titles are also available, many of which are well-known and have been around for years. It is unlikely that Satisfactory or Valheim will ever be developed. You will find at least 50 games in 2022 and later on our list. Some of these games already have a set date. Starfield, Elex 2, Starfield, Elex 2, and Elden Ring are potential contenders for the top 10 PC games of 2022/2023.

Apprente users were eager to play these PC games in the first year.

This number will rise significantly in the weeks and months ahead when games fairs like Gamescom 2022 or June streams take place. The list will continue to grow with new announcements, delays in game releases, and your reports. We can’t possibly know everything about every upcoming game.

Games 2022/2023 – Release dates for the new releases in this overview

A glance at all game releases: This is the current version and a chance to see the next year’s release list. General information: Red entries indicate changes. New games are marked accordingly. The PC games marked green are already published. There is a distinction between final release and early access. The list also indicates whether the game is sold only in certain shops or what kind of game it is, if it’s not a regular release (expansion/remaster, season pass). This will increase the utility of the list.

PC games 2022Special features (store, game type)game genreEarly AccessRelease (green = outside)
JANUARY 2022    
Monster Hunter Rise Action RPG 01/12/2022
God of WarPC portingAction RPG 01/14/2022
Rainbow Six ExtractionUplay, Epic Gamesco-op shooter 01/20/2022
Expedition Rome Strategy RPG 01/20/2022
Serious Sam: Siberian MayhemStand alone extensionshooter 01/25/2022
FEBRUARY 2022    
Dying Light 2 zombie shooter 02/04/2022
Lost Ark Action MMO 02/11/2022 
Total War: Warhammer 3 strategy game 02/17/2022
Destiny 2: The Witch Queenextensionloot shooter 02/22/2022
Grid Legends racing game 02/25/2022
Elden ring Action RPG 02/25/2022 
Guild Wars 2: End of DragonsExtension, only direct from the publisherOnline role-play 02/28/2022
MARCH 2022    
elex 2 Science Fantasy RPG 03/01/2022
Shadow Warrior 3 shooter 03/01/2022
Babylon’s fall action game 03/03/2022
WWE 2K22 wrestling game 03/11/2022
Syberia: The World Before Adventure 03/18/2022
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginEpicGamesaction game 03/18/2022
Ghostwire Tokyo Mystery action game 03/25/2022
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands fantasy shooter 03/25/2022
Death Stranding Director’s Cut remastersWalking simulator 03/30/2022
Weird West Tactical ARPG 03/31/2022
APRIL 2022    
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Lego action game 05.04.2022
King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Tactics RPG 04/26/2022
Galactic Civilizations IVEpicGames4X strategy 04/26/2022
Dune: Spice WarsEarly access4X RTS04/26/2022 
village romance Construction tactical game 04/28/2022
MAY 2022    
Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Tactics RPG 05/05/2022
Evil Dead: The Game  horror game 05/13/2022
dolmens horror action 05/20/2022
Hardspace Shipbreakers  06/16/202005/24/2022
Sniper Elite 5 shooter 05/26/2022
JUNE 2022    
Diablo ImmortalPC betaAction RPG 06/02/2022
The Cycle: FrontierFree 2 PlayPvPvE extraction shooter  06/08/2022 
The Quarry horror 06/10/2022
Starship Troopers-Terran Command RTS 06/16/2022
EA SPORTS F1 22 racing simulation 07/01/2022
JULY / AUGUST 2022    
Gwent Rogue Mage roguelike 07/07/2022
Stray Cyberpunk Adventure 07/19/2022 
hard west 2 horror strategy 08/04/2022
Two Point Campus simulation 09.08.2022
Spider-Man Remastered action game 08/12/2022 
Saints RowEpicGamesaction game 08/23/2022
F1 managers 22 Formula 1 manager 08/30/2022
Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed shooter 08/30/2022 
NBA 2K23  sports game 09.09.2022
X-Plane 12 flight simulation09/15/2022 
Return to Monkey Island Adventure 09/19/2022
WoW Wrath of the Lich King ClassicBlizzard onlyMMO 09/27/2022
FIFA 23 soccer sim 10/01/2022
Overwatch 2 shooter 04.10.2022
scorn horror adventure 10/14/2022
A Plague Tale: Requiem adventure game 10/18/2022
The Valiant Medieval RTS 10/19/2022
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves CollectionFormer PS Exclusive gameAction Adventure 10/19/2022 
Gotham Knights action game 10/25/2022
Sackboy: A Big Adventure Former PS Exclusive gameplatformer 10/27/2022
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 shooter 10/28/2022
Kick-off football manager soccer sim11/02/2022 NEW 
Sonic Frontiers Action Adventure 11/08/2022
Football Manager 2023 Football management sim 11/08/2022
Goat Simulator 3 Strange goat sim ^^ 11/17/2022
Spider-Man: Miles Morales actions 11/18/2022
Evil West action game 11/22/2022
WoW Dragon FlightBlizzard onlyMMO 11/29/2022
Warhammer 40K: Darktide Co-op action game 11/30/2022
The Callisto Protocol horror 02.12.2022
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tactics RPG 02.12.2022
Need for Speed ​​Unbound racing games 02.12.2022
Dwarf Fortress strategy game 06.12.2022
Knights of Honor 2 Medieval strategy 06.12.2022
The Witcher 3 Next Gen update Action RPG 14.12.2022
2023: Fixed date    
Forspoken Action Adventure 01/24/2023
DeadSpace Remakeremakehorror 01/27/2023
Hogwarts legacy Action RPG 02/10/2023 
The settlersUplay, Epic Gamesbuilding game 02/17/2023 NEW
Atomic Heart action game 02/21/2023 NEW
Sons of the Forest survival games 02/23/2023
Company of Heroes 3 RTS 02/23/2023
Kerbal Space Program 2 sandbox game02/24/2023 
Darkest Dungeon 2 roguelike February 2023
the day before Survival MMO 03/01/2023
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Action RPG 03/03/2023 NEW
The Last of Us Part 1remastersaction game 03/03/2023 NEW
Skull & BonesUplay, Epic GamesPirate action game 03/09/2023
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor actions 03/17/2023 NEW
Resident Evil 4 Remake horror 03/24/2023
Dead Island 2 horror 04/28/2023 NEW
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League  action game 05/26/2023 NEW
street fighter 6 fighting game 06/02/2023 NEW
Diablo 4Blizzard onlyAction RPG 06/06/2023 NEW
2022/2023: NO FIXED DATE YET    
Alan Wake 2 Epic exclusive?Action Adventure 2023+
Alone in the dark horror game 2023+
Arc RaidersFree2Playshooter 2023
ARC 2 action games 2023+
Assassin’s Creed: MirageUplay, Epic GamesAction Adventure 2023   NEW
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora action game 2023+
Baldur’s Gate 3 role-playing game06.10.20202023+
Blood Bowl 3 sports action game 2023
Crysis 4 shooter 2023+
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom LibertyextensionAction RPG 2023 NEW
Death Stranding 2 Action Adventure 2023+ NEW
The Lord of the Rings Gollum Action Adventure 2023+
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf role-playing game 2023+
Escape from Tarkov shooter 2023+
EverwildAlso in Xbox Game PassAction Adventure 2023+
Frostpunk 2 survival sim 2023
Greedfall 2 Baroque Fantasy RPG 2024
Gothic “Remake”remakerole playing 2023+
Hellblade 2Also in Xbox Game Passadventure game 2023+
Max Payne 1 Remakeremakeshooter 2023+
Max Payne 2 Remakeremakeshooter 2023+
ParkBeyond Theme Park Sim 2023
Path of Exile 2 Action RPG 2023+
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time RemakeUplay, Epic Gamesaction game 2023+
red case action game 2023
ReturnalFormer PS5 exclusive gameaction game 2023 NEW
Silent Hill 2 konami 2023+ NEW
Starfield Sci-Fi RPG 2023
stalker 2Also in Microsoft Game PassOpen world shooter 2023+
Star Citizen Squadron 42Only at Cloud Imperium Gamesspace action 2023+
System Shock (Remake) role playing game 2022+
Star Wars Eclipse Action Adventure 2024+
Star Wars KOTOR Remakeremakerole playing game 2023+
Tempest Rising real-time strategy 2023+
The Outer Worlds 2 role playing game 2023+
Tom Clancy’s XDefiant F2P shooter 2023
Valley of Gods Walking simulator 2023+
Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Action RPG 2023+
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2  action game 2023+
witch fire shooter 2023+
wonder woman action games 2023+ Table of the best games releases 2022/2023

Unless the list of game releases is completely overturned, which games are you most looking forward to in 2022 or beyond? Use the comment function and let us know your favorites. 

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Best New PC Games 2022 2023

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