Firefox/Chrome/IE: set private mode by default

Firefox Chrome IE set private mode by default

When using the Internet, we generally do not like to leave traces. Therefore, each browser has a private mode in which web pages are opened, files downloaded are not recorded in the browsing or download history, and cookies are deleted.

Well, since we forget to turn on this mode most of the time, we can use a setting so that the browser always starts in this mode.


1. Right-click on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut icon on the desktop and select Properties.

2. The Firefox Properties window opens on the Shortcut tab. Press the → key – the mouse cursor should be at the end of the path in Target. Next, we press Space, Enter – private. We press Enter.

Done – now, when we launch the Firefox browser, two windows will automatically open, with private mode on top.

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Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, we do exactly the same as described in the example of Firefox.

Google Chrome

For Google Chrome, please follow these simple steps:

1. Right-click on the desktop’s Google Chrome icon and select Properties from the context menu.

2. In the Properties window, on the Shortcut tab, place the cursor at the end of the path in Target by pressing →. Press the spacebar, and this time type -incognito. Finally, press Enter.

3. From now on, Google Chrome will start itself in incognito mode.

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